My name is Chelsea Arruda. I created Rad Future as a place to display my creations and inspire you to understand that the Rad Future you crave begins right now.

Over the last year I've spent a lot of time thinking about social media. When I say social media I don't just mean Instagram and Facebook, but places like Youtube and Netflix too. Why? They take up so much of our time that we're never getting back. We spend hours every day without even realizing it on devices for instant dopamine or approval from others. Once that time is used it's gone forever!

When I first started Rad Future I felt like the only way I could share this was by bringing you into the woods with my GoPro. A way to get you out of the screen and into life, but over time I realized I can share this information with you with my creative craft too. To set an example and be the experiment we need of how we can gain our life back by living in the moment.

The Rad Future you crave begins right now. You just have to start.