The Ledge Loop

The Ledge Loop

I hadn't been to the famous Ledge in a while and what better way to go than to document the experience. 

It's famously known for being haunted and shares its space with The Bridgewater Triangle. I've personally never had any scary experiences or feelings of unease, but some have reported in the past. I find it to be quite a peaceful place with wide trails that could be good for family or group hikes. The Ledge Loop is located in the Freetown-Fall River Forest and is about 3 miles in length.

Here are some photos from my adventure:

Don't look down.

A lot of people come here to leave their mark in graffiti, cliff jump, or simply to climb down with harnesses to get a different view.

The Ledge is an old quarry that has become an attraction to locals and non-locals that hear about it's haunted stories. Some have mentioned that there's at least one car in it's waters along with cranes. 

Couldn't leave without getting myself in a photo. Downside to hiking alone is that you never get photos of yourself in these places. My new GoPro has helped make that much easier. It's wide view options helps my short arms finally get more than my head in the shot.

Thank you for reading! 
A video of the experience will be up soon on my Youtube channel.

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