Make Art Everyday

Make Art Everyday

That's what I used to tell myself. Lately I haven't been creating much art at all and focusing more on the videos. I couldn't decide if I wanted to keep everything under one name or split it up. I figured people that wanted to follow me for my art could follow one source and those that wanted design or nature could follow another. I ended up just making it more confusing for my followers, so, I've decided to start sharing everything under Rad Future.

I was having difficulty trying to brand myself. How do I brand just my name? I can't. I constantly want to change it because I'm changing everyday. This is why Rad Future came about. I needed a place of positivity, nature, artwork and everything else outside of myself. This way I can look at it from an outer perspective rather than immerse myself into one particular creative field with my name.

As I study a bunch of people on social media that I enjoy following, I realize they change things up a lot too. I guess I just got one line stuck in my head over the years that told me I needed to have one thing. People get bored of seeing the same stuff all the time, so, I feel it's necessary to change things up to keep people interested.

An example I see of this in the Youtube community is Pewdiepie. He became known for the guy on the platform that plays horror video games, but that alone is not what brought him here today. Imagine if today he still did only horror games. It would get boring years later of seeing the same content. The reason he still remains relevant today is because he changes things every day. It keeps the viewers on their toes wanting to see what is released next.

Grav3yardgirl on the other hand is another Youtube personality that has done the same type of video for 7 years. Her channel unfortunately isn't doing as well as it used to. She's reached out for advice from those that seem to be successful on the platform and they've all suggested that she try a new direction in content. This lasted for a short while until she moved back to doing the old type of content. As of today it seems the views have gone down even further. To my perspective, it's simply that it's boring now. People want new things. They don't want the same thing over and over. It gets boring. It's why Facebook and Instagram change things constantly otherwise we'd all leave their platform out of boredom.

With all this being said, I'm going to start sharing my other creative outlets on here as well. In hopes that I can change things up a bit from time to time and everything will be okay. 

I feel as though I get lost in the act of trying to achieve something greater when all we need to achieve is peaceful existence. Our world is driven to feed our ego to obtain external validation. If there is a mission at all, perhaps it's simply to not give in.

You're a saint to listen to my blogging rambles. 
Thank you.


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