I want to be on electronic devices less.

I want to be on electronic devices less.

I find it difficult. Maybe a future version of me will laugh at this. I feel like even if I stay away, I still need it with the way the world works today. Work and social life has basically moved to electronic devices. Not just that, but our clocks, alarms, health tracking, and so much more are on our smart phones. It's a beautiful thing that was created, but I feel like there's beginning to be a large amount of harm coming from our use of these devices. 

Things are growing rapidly while our use of smart phones and internet grows. We've become addicted and most of us are not willing to even admit it or don't see it. We're all addicts.

I've noticed when I'm on Youtube too long or mindlessly scrolling on my phone I become much more anxious. My attention is being wasted while my only time on earth passes. Are we truly getting smarter with more information at our fingertips or dumber with mindless games, videos and likes?

In my opinion, the internet has divided us. We're judging each other for every opinion, photo, or interest. Have we forgotten how to accept each other for being our true selves? Where will we go from here?

I love hiking. Spending time in the woods gives me a feeling of freedom and excitement. Even for hiking, my interest grows less when I want to stay indoors and watch something rather than going for a hike. I feel like I need to push myself to even do something as simple as a walk in the woods. 


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